Wednesday, February 24, 2010

25% off All Items from Strapped Belts

In addition to being frugal, I am a staunch supporter of independent businesses. In this age of Big Box Stores, I try & make an effort to shop at mom & pop stores & buy from independent retailers as well. If we don't do that, we won't have anywhere to shop except at big retailers. So, with that in mind, I want to tell you guys about an amazing business that sells hand crafted jewelry.

Strapped Belts is based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming & sells glass jewelry & houseware items created by artist, John Frechette. Now, you may be thinking "What's up with the name of the store?" Well, John is a Boston guy that ended up in Jackson Hole for his work....& then found himself out of a job when his employer went bankrupt in 2008. Needless to say, John was "strapped" for cash & decided to turn his passion for creating art made out of glass into his new career & Strapped Belts was formed.

There are lots of unique items you can find on his website, & honestly....they are quite affordable. Really....the rings start at $15 & earrings start at $25! The belt buckles start at $42 (he has a ton of belt buckles unlike any I've ever seen; hence the "belt" part of the company's name). I love that you can find a unique gift that doesn't break the bank. I am obsessed with this funky ring!

Recently, Strapped Belts had the awesome opportunity to deck out some very special people in their jewelry: Hailey Duke, Sarah Schleper, & Megan McJames of the US Olympic Ski Team! Hailey, Sarah, & Megan picked out the pieces they loved best & modeled them in Jackson Hole during a break from their training. I'm loving the contrast between the functional clothing & the hipness of the jewelry.
Hailey, Sarah, & Megan are competing today & tomorrow & to celebrate Team USA, John has graciously extended a deal to BMIM readers. Use code "OLYMPICS" & get 25% off your entire order! This is a great opportunity to snag some cool, hand made in the USA items, super cheap. Think about gifts for teachers, house warming gifts (I love the trays), Mother's Day, etc.

Check out all of the cool stuff Strapped Belts has to offer here. And go Team USA!

Photos courtesy of Kelli Baxendale.

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