Wednesday, August 18, 2010

15 Custom Cards Free!

This is a hot deal! Shutterfly has 2 codes that you can stack to get a total of 15 free cards! First use code: PICKONE to get 12 free cards. You can choose from 3x5 stationary cards, 4x5 stationery cards, 5x5 stationery cards, 5x7 stationery cards, 5x7 greeting cards, or photo cards.

Next use code: SUMMERCARDS to get an additional 3 free cards! You will have to pay tax & shipping, but this is still a fantastic bargain.

Thanks, My DFW Mommy.


  1. Awesome...I need to order some thank you notes for B's birthday!

  2. Nice! I think I'm actually good on photo cards for a while, but thank you cards are a great idea!


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