Wednesday, October 13, 2010

50% off Diapers at Amazon!

Have you gotten your November issue of Parents yet? Make sure you grab that Amazon 20% off diapers coupon, because the hot diaper deal from Amazon is back!

If you haven't joined Amazon Mom yet, you need to do so right now (even if you aren't a mom, you still get some great benefits from joining)! You'll get 30% off your diaper purchase when you join Amazon Mom & use the Subscribe & Save option. Don't worry, you can cancel your subscription at any time & are not obligated to get any additional orders if you don't want them.

Then, use the 20% off coupon from Parents at checkout. This will get you an additional 20% off the already discounted price, making it a total of 50% off. Plus, you will get free 2 day shipping!

This offer is good on all brands, including the eco friendly ones such as Seventh Generation, Earth's Best, gDiaper, & more. For instance, you could get 140 size 3 Seventh Generation diapers for $22.39 after the Subscribe & Save discount & the coupon. That is just $.16 per diaper! We're talking chlorine free diapers, too! It's an unheard of deal.

If you don't get Parents delivered, it's definitely worth picking up a copy at the store. The purchase price will more than pay for itself if you need diapers. When you're at the store, double check to make sure no one ripped out the coupon before you buy the magazine. Yes, people do that & yes, it's wrong.

This is definitely the time to stock up on diapers, so if you need them....or will be needing them in the near future....jump on this deal.

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