Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hallmark Cards Money Maker at Safeway

This is a great deal on greeting cards! Safeway has a Catalina promotion running through 10/26/10 where you get a $5 cat WYB 3 Hallmark cards. The $.99 cent cards are excluded, but the $1.49 ones are included in the promo. Here's how to work this deal:

Buy 3 $1.49 cards = $4.47
Get $5 Catalina (use like cash on your next purchase at Safeway)
= $.53 profit!

You can then turn around & use the Catalina to purchase more cards (plus an additional item to hit the $5 total) & get 3 more cards free & earn an additional $5 Catalina!

I love stocking up on cards when we find deals like this. The last time I did it was last spring at Walgreens when they were free after RR, but I'm running low on cards now, so it's time to stock up!

Thanks, Frugal Chic Living.

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