Monday, January 31, 2011

Huge Land's End Sale at Sears Locations

If you have a Sears near you that has a Land's End department, run there as fast as you can! Right now they are having a great sale. Take an additional 40% off the already reduced prices on the men's & women's items & an additional 50^ off the already reduced prices on children's items.

I took the photo above when I was there & you can clearly see a child's coat that normally retails for $99.50 on sale for $59.65. With the additional 50% off sale, the price drops down to just $29.83....for a $100 coat!

When I was there, the clerk also told me an interesting little tidbit. If you want to place an order from Land's End but don't have a free shipping code, call your local Sears store with a Land's End department. They can place the order for your & have it shipped to your house at no charge! I had no idea about that, but you better believe I'm going to remember that the next time I need to place an order.

I got some great deals for my daughter at the Land's End department at my local Sears. All of items will be for next fall & winter, but they were such fantastic bargains, I couldn't pass them up! If you find any great deals, leave a comment & let us know.


  1. This looks like such a great deal, thank you! I was looking at The Frugal Find and she has a deal posted for Threds Up. Have you heard of this site? Apparently you trade boxes of clothes with people. Select the sizes you want, gender, and view a description of what is inside, then pick your box. Looks like the boxes, including shipping are about $16. I think I will try it. Seems like a good way to recycle children's clothes. What do you think?

  2. Charlie, I haven't tried it. But I swear I saw another blogger post a code where you could get your first box for only $6. I have to take my daughter to kindergarten & then run some errands, but I'll look for it when I get back.

    And yes...this is a great deal. Especially on things like coats, sweaters, etc. I found a beautiful cord skirt for my daughter for next fall/winter & paid $8.03 for it (it was like a $30 skort)!

  3. She actually has a deal posted making the first box $1. As fast as my son grows, this sounds pretty good!


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