Friday, July 30, 2010

Wii Steering Wheel Just 75 Cents Shipped!

Wow, this is a great deal if you need a Wii Steering wheel remote controller thingy (can you tell I don't have a Wii?). Click here & then use the code: MLCK267039073075NL1 at checkout to get it for a whopping 75 cents shipped! Note that this code will only work on the single controller.

My friend & loyal BMIM reader, Holly found this deal on another blog. Thanks for the tip, Holly!


  1. Hmmmmm, it showed a $2.25 credit when I applied the code, but when I hit submit after my cc I noticed my total said $3.00. Crap. Still a good deal anyway I guess.

  2. WTH? That's not right! I'd email them & see what they say. (Yes, it's still a good deal, but it's the point, ya know?)


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