Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free Kidorable Umbrella or T-shirt!

See that insanely cute fairy umbrella? Yeah, I just got it for free! I did have to pay shipping, but my daughter is obsessed with all things fairy, so this will be a cute little gift for her (shhh....don't tell!). Here's the deal:
Kidorable is giving away free umbrellas or embroidered t-shirts. Simply go to their site, click on "product line" & then click on either "umbrellas" or "embroidered t-shirts." If you'd like to get the umbrella, add one to your cart & use code: modfreeumb08. If you want the t-shirt, add one to your cart & use code: FREESHIRT8.
Either deal will require you pay $7.95 in shipping, but that's still a bargain. The t-shirts cost more, so you'd get more bang for your buck. But here in the NW, we have a lot of rain, so I opted for the umbrella. How could I resist it?!
Thanks, Rockin Deals!

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