Monday, August 2, 2010

Tiny Prints Freebie for Teachers

UPDATE #2: I’ve tried to order this card 3 times & it’s been cancelled 3 times. 1 of these orders was even the order the customer service rep placed for me after the first 2 were cancelled. So, my guess is you cannot send this to a teacher, only to students

UPDATE: The code worked for me when I sent a card to my daughter's kindergarten teacher. I think teacher's are often unappreciated, so I wanted to send a little card before school even starts letting her know how excited my daughter is to be in her class!

This is such a great freebie for teachers! Tiny Prints is giving away free cards for teachers. There are 6 styles to choose from, including the one pictured above. Use code: APPLE2010 to get the cards free!

The code is valid through October 31, 2010 & there is no limit to the amount of times you can use this code. However, each card must be ordered separately to get it free, so if you want to send cards to all of your students, you would need to do a transaction for each student & use the code. I called Tiny Prints customer service & they confirmed this. She also stated you can either have the cards sent to you, or add the name & address of the student to have it shipped directly.

This promo states that it is for teachers, but my guess is you could send a free card to your child's teacher, too. I haven't tried that, but I don't see why the promo code wouldn't work. I think I'm going to send one to my daughter's kindergarten teacher!

Thanks for the tip on this great deal, Lilac City Momma!

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