Monday, January 3, 2011

The Foundary Has Boon Today!

I love Boon products. I think they make smart, modern products for kids. I've been wanting to get one of their Animal Bags for a while now (no lie, at least a year...probably longer) but they are a bit on the spendy side.

However, The Foundary has Boon on sale today & they have 3 Animal Bags to choose from. I purchased the blue one shown above for my daughter. If you're wondering what an Animal Bag is, it's essentially like a bean bag....only you stuff it with stuffed animals. Genius! My daughter has way too many stuffed animals, so this is a perfect way to clean up her room.

There are lots of other great things on sale at The Foundary as well, so if you haven't signed up yet, you really should. The dollhouse Santa brought my daughter came from The Foundary & he paid 1/3 of what it normally retails for. Just sayin.' And just like most sample sale sites, you earn referral credits for inviting friends to join as well, so there really is no reason not to sign up!

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