Friday, September 17, 2010

Brita Pitcher Less Than $3

Print out this $7/1 coupon & head over to Lowe's ASAP! Lowe's carries the Brita Slim system for less than $10; I've read reports as low as $9.09 in some parts of the nation (prices vary depending on your area). Use the $7/1 coupon & get a Brita Slim system for less than $3!

Thanks, Combat Clippers.


  1. Hello Heather,
    I just bought the slim pitcher at Lowe's. It was $9.77. There is also a coupon in the 8/29 RP for a Lowe's coupon for a more expensive Brita Pitcher. Thanks for posting this great deal!

  2. Excellent! Thanks for letting me know about the R/P coupon. Did the tag at Lowe's say if the sale expires today? Glad you got yours, though!


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