Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hanna Andersson Outlet Sale

OK, this sale is enough to give me a case of the vapors! Starting on Thursday & running through Sunday, Hanna Andersson Outlets will have their Overstock sale. Here are a few samples of what you can find:

  • Baby Sleepers for $10
  • Backpacks for $15
  • Lunch Boxes for $10
  • Sweats for $15-$25

It's worth nothing, many Hanna items are made with organic cotton. Even if it's non organic cotton, they typically meet the Oeko Tex Standards used in Europe that test for over 100 harmful substances.

Honestly, Hanna Andersson clothes are so well made, they look virtually brand new wash after wash. Plus, they use European sizing, so my daughter has often gotten several years of wear out of an item instead of outgrowing it in a few months. Hanna Andersson clothing costs more, but I feel that in the long run, you definitely get your money's worth out of them. You can search for the outlet locations here.

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