Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Couponing For Community Donation

Remember how I told you I was participating in Couponing for Community? As promised, I gathered up all my donation items & took a photo to show you how much we can do with so little. You won't believe how little this cost me!

Now, to be fair, I had already purchased the majority of these items with the intention of donating them. I like to make a huge donation every few months rather than going weekly, so this took some time to accumulate. However, these products were either insanely cheap, free, or money makers, & I couldn't pass them up.

So, are you ready? I got all of the items you see in this photo for about....$2. Yes, two bucks! I actually spent more, but some of the items made me money after rebates, so the net out of pocket was around $2 after coupons & rebates.

Now you can see how couponing can be such a blessing to others in need. Challenge yourself....see what you can do. If someone asked me to donate $100 in cash, I'd think twice about it. But I can easily donate over $100 worth of food & personal care items & not think twice because I used coupons & "worked the system" (although I hate that phrase; it carries such a negative connotation).

I'm pretty happy with my donation & am confident the Maltby Food Bank is going to be happy with it as well. If you made one this week, leave a comment & let us know how you did. If you didn't, think about challenging yourself & see what you can achieve with just a few dollars & some coupons.


  1. totally awesome, heather! that must feel so good to give back like that!

  2. It does feel good....great, even! My husband is happy that I finally cleaned out our pantry a little bit. :) Joking aside, I know that many more people are in need right now, & if I can help even a tiny bit, then I'm gonna do it.

  3. That is awesome. I need to get my bottom end in gear and go through my extra toiletries. I did at least get a couple bags of food out for the post office food drive at least.

    Allison Miller

  4. Allison, that's great! I need to get more food items to donate. You can see, most of my stuff today was toiletries. But a few bags of food goes a long way, so kudos to you!

  5. Way to go Heather! :`)

  6. Thanks, Coleen. I know it's a great lesson for my daughter to learn about giving, as well.


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