Saturday, May 22, 2010

Free Tugaboo Diapers at Rite Aid

Rite Aid has their own brand of diapers called Tugaboos. I've seen the trial packs in the store several times but never paid attention. However, if you need diapers, this might be worth noting!

The trial packs are 99 cents & contain three diapers (I think it's three...maybe only two). In the trial pack is a $1/1 coupon for your next purchase of Tugaboos. It's being reported that you can use the coupon on any size package...including the trial size, which means free diapers.

Transaction 1:
Buy 1 trial pack: 99 cents

Transaction 2:
Buy 1 trail pack: 99 cents
- $1/1 coupon
= Free

You can repeat transaction #2 as many times as you wish using the enclosed coupon. I have no idea how good these diapers are, but at this price, definitely worth trying.

If you like the Tugaboo diapers, they are going on sale tomorrow for $6.99 per pack & will have a $2 SCR on them as well. Print out this $1/1 coupon (good on jumbo size packs) or use the $1/1 coupon from the trial pack & get a pack for $3.99 after coupon & SCR.

Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom.

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