Monday, May 17, 2010

Get Ready for the "Lost" Finale

So....if you're mourning the ending of Lost or are happy to have the mind games end, either way, you should consider ordering this shirt for the finale. You'll get a red t shirt with a Dharma Initiative-esque logo & the words "Live Together or Die Alone" on the front. The shirt is $10 & comes with free shipping. Or choose $5 for overnight shipping so you can rock it tomorrow night.

You'll be stylin' as you ponder such questions that will likely never be answered like "How did Jin time travel with everyone else when he was on the ship that blew up & too far away from the island to be affected by the flashes of light?" or "Was Ben really just a huge attention whore who didn't know anything but convinced everyone he did?" or "What did those numbers mean & why did they have to enter them every 108 minutes?"

Click here to get your only. Or maybe not. Maybe there will be a flash of light tomorrow & you can order it again.

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