Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Teacher Survival Kit

I just saw this online & think it's adorable! Help your child(ren) make a Teacher Survival Kit for the end of school.

Supplies Needed

Piece of facial tissue
Piece of string
2 marbles
Rubber band
1 puzzle piece
1 Hershey's Kiss
1 Plastic Ziploc bag
1 Small gift bag
Poem printed out (or written out by your child)


A penny so you will never be broke.
An eraser for those little mistakes.
A balloon so you can let out the hot air and release your worries.
A crayon to brighten your day.
A paperclip to hold it all together.
A tissue to wipe the tears and clean up the messes.
A string to tie up all those loose ends.
Marbles to replace the ones you lose.
A rubber band for flexibility when things don’t go as planned.
A band-aid to heal hurt feelings; yours and everyone else's.
A puzzle piece to remind you that you are an important piece of my life.
A Hershey's Kiss because everyone needs a little love now and then. Chocolate make everything sweeter!

Place all of the supplies inside the Ziploc bag & attach the poem to either the Ziploc bag or the gift bag. Place the Ziploc bag (aka, the kit) inside the gift bag.


  1. Excellent idea Heather! Sierra and I were just discussing how we could honor her awesome teacher at the end of the school year. Something personal and cute! Thanks a ton!


  2. No worries; trust me, it's not like I made this up. I just thought it was really cute & creative. Let me know who her teacher is so that if we have the same one in 1st grade, I don't give her the same thing. :)


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