Friday, September 10, 2010

1 Dozen Frost Doughnuts Just $8!

This post is for my South Snohomish readers....or anyone willing to drive up to Mill Creek (& if you are, lemme know & I'll meet you!). This daily deal from Groupon is unbelievable!

Today only you can get 1 mix & match dozen doughnuts from Frost for just $8. Yes, you read that right.....just $8! Normally a dozen would set you back $22, so this is quite a bargain. And yes....I've purchased many, many dozens at full price. They are that good.

Oh Frost....why do you have to rock so much? Why must I crave your Smoky Bacon Maple Bar like a junkie craves a line? At least the next time I buy a dozen, I'll feel like I somehow stuck it to the man.....while wiping maple glaze off my chin.

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