Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Extreme Couponing on TLC Tonight

TLC will be airing a special tonight at 8pm titled Extreme Couponing. I am somewhat apprehensive about this special.

I love how they are highlighting people using coupons to stretch their budgets. I think it will show a lot of people that yes, you can in fact save money...a lot of money...clipping coupons. What worries me though, is that these people are not the norm. Nor are these shopping trips their normal shopping trips (at least, I hope they don't shop like this on a regular basis!). Here is an excerpt from TLC's show description:

"TLC will introduce four of the country's most coupon-obsessed savers who will do anything for a deal. Their game is simple - get as MUCH as possible for as LITTLE as possible. But these extreme couponers aren't just looking to save a few dollars here and there. Instead, they're looking to cash in on some serious savings and they're doing it by any means necessary - dumpster diving for coupons, charting weekly store circulars, creating elaborate math formulas and stocking up on as many products as possible."

This is what troubles me. The idea of "getting as much as possible as little as possible" simply for sport casts a bad light on couponers. There is a fine line between creating a stock pile of items that your family needs & hoarding free stuff.

I am looking forward to watching Extreme Couponing tonight. I plan on having an open mind when I do. If nothing else, it should be entertaining.

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