Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fred Meyer Organic sale

So, Freddie's has a HUGE sale on organics right now! Westbrae Natural, Santa Cruz, Earth's Best, Natracare, Annie's Naturals, etc. Tons of stuff for super cheap (well, super cheap for organic!). I got organic cranberry jelly for $1.59, organic canned corn for $1 each (I use them for taco soup...mmm) & they had other veggies for $1 each, organic white grape juice for $2.99 (it was $3.99 but I had a $1 coupon), Annie's Naturals fruit snacks for $3.49 (sale $3.99 - 50 cent coupon), & a bunch of other products.

This seemed to be a much better sale on organic products. Or perhaps it was because I was by myself & had time to wander the aisles without my family telling me to hurry up. But, if you need to stock up, now is a fantastic time to do so.

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