Saturday, December 26, 2009

January SCR starts tomorrow at Rite Aid

The new month of Single Check Rebates (SCR) starts Sunday, 12/27/09 & goes through 1/23/10 at Rite Aid. Some of the deals are weekly, some are valid during the entire promotion, so be sure to check the dates carefully.

What's SCR, you ask? If you're not familiar with it, Single Check Rebates is a promotion that Rite Aid runs every month (however the dates do not match the calendar month so be careful to check) where you get a specified rebate for items that are included with the promo. Most items are limited to one rebate per household unless otherwise noted. You can purchase one or all of the items featured during the SCR month, but you can only request ONE check per promo period. So, if you request a check & then purchase other items that are included, you're out of luck. It's essential you wait until you're confident that you will not be buying anything else in the promo period before requesting your check. I recommed doing it at the very end of the period, or even a day or two after, to ensure you don't lose out on any last minute deals. Then Rite Aid sends you a check that you simply cash.

You can score some very cheap, free, or even deals that make you money with SCR. I've made money on numerous items, especially if you use a coupon on the purchases. Yes, you get the full rebate value back EVEN if you use a coupon to buy the product! Pretty sweet deal, in my opinion.

Check out the program here to view the items in this next SCR promo period. Again, remember to check the dates; some of these are good this week only, some the entire time.

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