Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sony E-Reader & free book downloads

Ok, so personally I think Barnes & Noble's Nook is the only e-reader that would tempt me, but alas...they are sold out. However, Target has a pretty sweet deal on their Sony e-readers if you need to get one for someone on your holiday list.

On Target's website, they have a coupon for a free Sony $25 prepaid e-Book card with the purchase of either the Sony PRS300SC Pocket Reader ($199.99) or the PRS600BC Touch Reader ($299.99). I'm not sure what the Sony downloads cost, but this would be a nice bonus if you're giving the e-reader as a gift.

To get the coupon, go to Target's website, scroll to the bottom & look for the column "Target Stores." The third option down is "Grocery Coupons." Click on that & then look under electronics.

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