Sunday, November 21, 2010

Discounted Gift Cards from Plastic Jungle

Here's the thing: We don't like to admit it, but most of us occasionally give a gift card to someone as a gift. There are so many retailers selling gift cards, it's almost inevitable now. Knowing that, you should check out Plastic Jungle.

If you're unfamiliar with Plastic Jungle, it is an online site that buys & sells gift cards. If you receive a gift card you don't want, you can sell it to Plastic Jungle & then they turn around & resell it. You can also log on & buy a gift card at a lower than retail rate, which is an instant savings for you! I found a $50 Jamba Juice gift card 15% off ($42.50) & a $125 Pier 1 Imports gift card 15% off ($106.25).

Plastic Jungle even has a guarantee in place for buyers that covers the following scenarios:

  • The gift card you purchased does not arrive within 2 weeks of the date of purchase.
  • Your gift card has a balance less than the listed balance at the time of purchase.
  • Your gift card is not authentic or is not valid for use.

If you're going to give a gift card this holiday season, you owe it to yourself to check out Plastic Jungle. Actually, check it out for yourself & see if there are any cards for retailers you frequent. Save money on future purchases by buying a discounted card for yourself!

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