Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rite Aid Shopping Trip...73% Saved

Last night I ran to Rite Aid for a few things we needed. I know that I could have done better had I spent more time searching my coupons, but I'm sick (I went to pick up my antibiotics) & didn't have the energy. Regardless, I still saved about 73% & got all the things you see in the photo above for $8.79.


  1. That is amazing! I love checking out your site to see how I can save more. I stopped buying things I don't have a coupon for and I am saving a ton;-).


  2. In hindsight I know I could have done better. But I just didn't have it in me to figure it all out before I went, so I winged it. I'm still happy with the result (& yeah, we needed soap...LOL!)

    Honestly, coupons is the way to save. It takes some time to get organized, but the money saved is worth it.


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