Thursday, November 18, 2010

World Vision Giveaway

Today is exactly one week from Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday. I love that it's all about spending time with your family & friends...minus the gifts. It's about connecting with people & being thankful for all of our blessings.

However, we do have those pesky holidays in December that require us to buy gifts for loved ones. With that in mind, World Vision has graciously donated something for a BMIM giveaway. The winner of this giveaway will win a $25 World Vision Micro Loan gift card.

You're probably asking "What is the Micro Loan gift card?" World Vision's Micro Loan program helps people around the world start a business in order to support their families. The person who receives the gift card can log on, pick the person they want to receive the $25 loan, get reports on how that person is doing with their business, & a notice when the loan has been repaid. These business people are getting loans...not handouts...& the program has a 98% repayment rate (most are repaid within 1 year). This not only allows the individual to start a business, but also build their credit score as well.

Ultimately you are giving a gift card to someone who won't technically "get" anything. However, I've given gifts from World Vision before & everyone has loved them. Really, none of us needs another Chia pet, so giving something that can truly change the life of another person is more meaningful than any trinket.

Here's how to enter this contest:

  1. Go here & enter your email address (you can unclick the "World Vision may contact me" box if you wish).

  2. Come back & leave a comment with a way to notify you if you are the winner (because hey....I need to send you the gift card!).

That's it. The winner will be chosen at random using You have until Wednesday, November 24th at 9 pm PST to enter this giveaway. Good luck & let's all focus on what's really important this holiday season!


  1. I entered my e-mail address on the site! my e-mail is!

  2. just did it! we got a $100 gift card to another program like this 5 years ago and it is so much fun to have my children help me pick businesses to help fund. we have helped a number of people over the last five years and actually a really cool gift to give someone!

  3. I posted my information on their site. My email is Thanks so much!

  4. I just entered too!

  5. my e-mail is

  6. I must have missed this when you originally mentioned it. What a fantastic cause! I entered and my email is:

  7. I missed your original post - sorry! I have entered. World Vision is a great organization that my husband and I have supported in the past.

  8. Signed up! Glad to see that the money is turned around internally! :)

  9. Signed up!


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