Thursday, December 9, 2010

60 Custom Cards Shipped Overnight $4.90

Oh my goodness.....procratinators rejoice! SeeHere (Fuji) is offering free overnight shipping on many of their products....including photo cards. Here's how to get 60 holiday cards shipped to you overnight for jut $4.90:
  • Pick any 4x8 card & add 60 to your shopping cart (minimum of 60 cards for free shipping)
  • Use code: 50cards at checkouit
  • Your total should drop down to $4.90 with free overnight shipping

Thanks, Queen Bee Coupons!


  1. So glad you took advantage of it. I order my cards from another company on Wed. before I knew of this deal. I thought I did good by getting 50 shipped for less than $9. You totally beat me! :)


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