Friday, January 28, 2011

Babies 'R Us Great Trade In Event

Unless you know me "in real life" you may not know that I am passionate about children & car seat safety. Which is why I'm always so glad to see the Babies 'R Us Great Trade In Event roll around. Did you know that all car seats & booster seats have an expiration date on them & should not be used after that date? Well, they do!

Here's the scoop on this awesome event: Through February 21st, bring in an old or used baby item such as a car seat, high chair, crib, stroller, etc. & get 25% off a new one! Babies 'R Us then takes the old ones & destroys them to ensure they aren't used. You can read all the details about this sale here.

Also worth nothing is that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned drop down cribs (it will go into effect in June of 2011). This ban covers virtually all cribs currently in use in the USA. This is the perfect time to replace your crib with a safer option & save some money while doing so!


  1. Heather - What is the expiration dates again for car seats, AND what do I do with my old expired car seats? The dump? :/

  2. Sur, every seat differs. There should be a sticker on the plastic shell of the seat with the date of expiration or the date of manufacture. If it's the DOM vs. DOE, call the manufacturer & give them the DOM; they will tell you when it expires. Most say on the sticker when it expires, though.

    For disposable, you can dump them, however it's recommended to slash the straps, cover, foam, etc. to prevent people from dumpster diving & using an expired seat (can you believe that happens?!). Or call your local SafeKids chapter & see if they need an old seat for demo purposes only. :)


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