Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free Glasses from CoastalContacts

The free prescription eyeglasses deal is back! \Go “like” Coastal Contacts on Facebook (search for & then click on the Free For All tab. You can then click the link to go to their website & the first 10,000 people who place an order will get a free pair of eye glasses…..prescription lenses included! This deal goes live at 6am PST on Friday, so don't delay.

You will need to pay $15 in shipping, but this is a steal! Especially if you have a child wearing glasses, grab a pair as a backup (kids are always breaking glasses!).


  1. I did this the last time around few weeks ago and received my glasses in 3 days via FedEx. To say the deal is fantastic would be an understatement. Although, keep in mind that on top of $15 you pay in shipping/handling, you'll want to upgrade to thinner lenses and that's extra $45-100, otherwise the "free" glasses are for the really thick, magnifying glass type of lenses which you really don't want :) Even with this upgrade, it's still a good deal.

  2. Good to know, Anna! I too have VERY thick lenses for my glasses if I don't upgrade, so I always do. Even after having LASIK surgery. I really need to get a new Rx from my eye dr. so I can be ready to go for the next time around!

  3. I was a bit sceptical about this deal, so I didn't bother. Then I heard Clark Howard, the radio guy, rave about Zenni Optical. I decided to order my glasses there. I am short sighted, in the -4.0 range, so I always want thinner lenses. Before Zenni, I would pay at my local place about $150-$200 for my glasses which had to last me two years.... The "bad" part with Zenni is that you can't try the glasses on (just virtually, via your photo). Luckily I went to the local glass shops and tried on some glasses and figured out what size I need and was VERY careful to fill out the online forms. Anyway, I ordered all together 3 pair (yeah, got carried away a bit...); each one was $40 with nice thin glass. S/H for all three was I think $5.95 and I got them within 15 days. All are of great quality and will without doubt last me the next two years until I get myself a new prescription. Now I have 3 pair for less money than I would have had one pair if I would have bought it at the local glass place. Conny from PDX

  4. Conny, I've heard good things about Zenni, too. How are the frames? I've heard some good & some bad about the frames.....I suppose that happens anywhere, though.

  5. I bought three frames: two plastic ones, one rimless. The first plastic one is a totally "fashion frame", bright orange (think small reading glasses, but for short-sightedness). It is nice and solid, and since I never had other plastic frames in my hand and don't know how others are, I am happy with them. They seem to be holding up perfectly. Came with a "sunclip" for only an extra $3.95. My second plastic frame were supposed to be my every day glasses. The frame is nice and sturdy, I would say of good quality. But what bothers me a bit is the "thickness" of the temple. Where the temple touches my ears, they seem to be very "thick", and sometimes that hurts a bit. They are also heavy in general, since the frames are rather large, so the weight seems to be resting on my ears. Someone else might not be bothered by this at all... generally though, these are super nice glasses too.
    Third glasses are rimless. I have seen not so stylish ones at my local shop for over $200 per frame. I paid actually $60, not $40 as stated before. Once you choose the rimless style frame, then you have the option to choose the shape of the rimless glass. That makes for SO MANY COMBINATIONS, it's great! At the local shop, whatever they have on display (frame and shape of glass), that's what they offer, at a high price, so the options there are not so good.
    Anyway, I love Zenni.
    Since I have insurance on optics, I DID go to the local store and got myself an expensive pair of oversized prescription sunglasses, which will be (mostly) paid by my insurance. YOu can very cheaply have tinted glasses at Zenni's too, but I wanted gradient sunshades, so I was able to load the expensive stuff onto my insurance, and the cheap stuff I can get from Zenni. Works for me! Conny


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