Monday, January 24, 2011

Seventh Generation Dish Soap $1.78 WYB6

This is a stock up price, however I don't normally stock up on this product (more on that later). Right now over on Amazon you can get 6 bottles of Seventh Generation Free & Clear dish liquid (25 oz) for $10.68 when you choose the Subscribe & Save option. That's just $1.78 per bottle! You'll get free 2 day shipping with Amazon Mom, as well!

Now, I've stocked up on Seventh Generation liquid dish soap before, & I no longer do so. While I love the product & use it on a daily basis, I've found that the liquid gets thick if I have too many bottles sitting around & they get old. So, I only keep 1 or 2 bottles in my kitchen at at time.

This deal is such a good deal though, that it would be worth it to get some friends or family to go in on this together & divide the order up!

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