Friday, July 16, 2010

Night Guardian Plush Toys $6.99 Shipped

A few months ago I blogged about the Night Guardian Defenders of the Dreamtime toys & I bought one for my daughter. They are on sale again today only at Kids.Woot. The difference is....they are cheaper than what I paid for them! You can get either Skye (the pink one) or Thayer for just $1.99 + $5 in shipping.

You're probably wondering what these toys are all about, so let me explain them to you. The concept is they are superheros & their powers are preventing your little one from becoming scared of the dark at night. They have a crystal that lights up on their chest & they say things like "Don't worry your head, the Night Guardians are by your bed" (don't quote me on this saying...I'm going on memory here). In addition to the plush toy, there are 2 additional "crystals" that you can place around your child's room. When they press the paw of the toy, the other crystals light up & stay lit for 5 minutes. You also get a little booklet that you can read at bedtime about the Night Guardians & how they take care of kids at night.

I will tell you this: my daughter loves Skye. Like.....loves this doll. I can often hear her squeezing the paw & then hear Skye saying something. I think it is a great concept for kids who are afraid of the dark. And at only $6.99 shipped, how can you really go wrong?! This would make a fantastic gift as well, & since shipping is just $5 no matter how many you buy, you might want to consider getting a few.

If I have anything negative to say about these toys, it is that they do take a lot of batteries. But with the doll & the additional 2 crystals, that's to be expected.

Remember, this deal is good today only! Click here if you'd like to order a Night Guardian.

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