Sunday, October 31, 2010

Albertsons Doubler Ideas

Can you believe we got 4 doublers in today's Albertsons ad? I'm thinking they are trying to cut down on the multiple transactions, but whatever the reason, I'm not complaining.

My friend Karrie over at Happy Money Saver (formerly Fistful of Coupons) did a fantastic job coming up with ways to use your doublers. I'll highlight a few for you, but you must check out her blog for all the details.

Colgate toothpaste or Wave tooth brush $1.99
- $1/1 MQ (10/10 SS0
- doubler
= Free

Mentos gum $1.29
- $1/1 MQ (10/3 SS)
- doubler
= Free

Darigold Singles milk $1
- $1/2 MQ (9/12 SS)
- doubler
= 2 Free

Gain Dish soap (large size) $2.49
- $1/1 MQ (10/10 PG)
- doubler
= $.49

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