Tuesday, April 20, 2010

$20 off Any Order from The Company Store

Update: I just read on another blog that if you find an item that states it has free shipping & is under $20, you will get the item completely free. Score!

I love The Company Store, so I was super excited to find this deal! Use code: SLUMBER & get $20 off any order (no minimum). I scored 2 t shirts & 2 pairs of shorts for my daughter & only paid $9.91 ($5.95 of which was shipping). If your order is less than $20, get it free & only pay the $5.95 in shipping!

They have lots of stuff to choose from, too. Clothing, home decor, bedding, etc. Let me know what kind of deals you find.

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!


  1. In what time zone would they be? I am finding it impossible to get on their site.

  2. They are in the midwest I think, but the site has been INSANELY slow all day. I kept getting errors, too. The refresh button will be your best friend!

  3. I tried applying the discount code... it doesn't see, to be changing, but perhaps this is just a work of attrition and lots of refreshing...

  4. I think the code is dead now. Sorry guys....that's totally annoying!


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