Sunday, April 25, 2010

$40.44 Worth of Products Earned Me $8.33

I love, love, love Rite Aid! I went today & scored big time. If I had paid full price for the products pictured it would have cost $40.44 including tax. After coupons & my Gift of Savings gift certificate (yes, I still had it!) I paid $1.67 OOP & will submit for a $10 SCR. That means I got all of this for free & made a profit of $8.33! Score! I won't use the o.b. tampons, but at only 99 cents I bought a box to donate.

If you had a successful shopping trip, leave a comment so we can all cheer you on.


  1. rock on girl! i never shop rite aid. maybe i should. :)

  2. Jen, you should! It takes some getting used to, you have to wait for the SCR rebate to come (assuming that's part of the deal you're doing), but it's soooo worth it. At least, I think so! :)


    Here's my deal. I'm going to head to Rite Aid later this week for my aveeno and some other things.

  4. I just realized this deal may not be as sweet as I thought. It appears the SCR is only on specific Ban scents, so I may not get it. In which case I will go back & exchange (if they have them....they were already picked over) or just not get the SCR & still have gotten all those products for $1.67. Not as good as a money maker, if that's what happens, but not too bad, either. I'll let you know what happens with the SCR when I hear back.

  5. Great news! The SCR was approved, even though some of the scents were not the ones specified. So, I still made $8.33 profit! Yahoo!


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