Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hallmark Card Register Rewards at Wags

Through Saturday June 19th, Walgreens has a RR deal on Hallmark cards. Buy 3 cards, get $2 RR or buy 5 cards, get $4 RR. They can be any Hallmark cards, but Father's Day is coming up!

If your store carries the $.49 cards, this would be a money maker.

Buy 5 cards x $.49 = $2.45, get $4 RR
= $1.55 profit after RR.

Buy 3 cards x $.49 = $1.47, get $2 RR
= $.53 profit

If your store doesn't carry the $.49 cards, look for the $.99 ones. You won't make a profit, but you will get Hallmark cards cheaper than you would pay for cards at the dollar store after your RR.

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