Tuesday, July 13, 2010

50% off Diapers at Amazon

This is such a hot deal if you need diapers! Last week I posted about diapers being 30% with Amazon's Subscribe & Save option. Well, the deal gets even sweeter.

Yesterday I received my August issue of Parents magazine. In it was a coupon for 20% off diapers from Amazon. Combine that coupon with the 30% off from Subscribe & Save, & you'll save 50% off diapers! You'll also get free 2 day shipping.

The best part about this deal is that eco friendly, chlorine free diapers such as Seventh Generation, gDiapers, Earth's Best & more are included in this sale.

If you don't have a subscription to Parents, run to your local store & pick up a copy of the August issue to take advantage of this deal (but check to make sure the coupon hasn't been ripped out of the magazine). The coupon is good for one purchase, so stock up....especially at this price!

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