Monday, October 11, 2010

Dance Elite's Bring a Friend Week

This is the third year my daughter has been enrolled at Dance Elite in Mill Creek & I cannot say enough good things about them. They have fantastic teachers, the kids just love the classes, the spring recitals are top notch, & they learn about more than just dance; team work, grace, character....all these things are instilled in an age appropriate manner.

This week is "Bring a Friend" week at Dance Elite, so if you've been considering enrolling your child(ren) in dance classes & were unsure about it, now is the time to try it! Check out the schedule & then simply call or email them to let them know you're going to try a class.

If you have a son, don't fret....I've seen numerous boys in classes. Dance Elite has everything from ballet & tap to jazz, hip hop, even cheer classes, so there's bound to be something your little ones will enjoy. If you do go, let them know Heather from BMIM sent you!

Note: Dance Elite did not ask me to write this posting, nor have I received any compensation for doing so. If you do enroll your child in a class by the end of October & mention my name, I will receive a $10 credit to my account there. However, that has not influenced this posting in any way. I simply believe in this studio & wanted you all to know about a local business that offers a great service while maintaining such a high level of integrity.

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