Monday, June 14, 2010

More Cluck for Your Buck

For those of you near an El Pollo Chicken, here's a bargain that requires zero coupons. Through 8/22/10 you can double your chicken order for just $5 (8, 10, 12 piece meals). So, buy an 8 piece meal & get an additional 8 pieces of chicken plus tortillas for just $5 more.

Of course, your best bargain would be to purchase the 12 piece meal & pay $5 more to get an additional 12 pieces of chicken & tortillas.

Thanks for sharing this deal, Julie!


  1. We don't have one. But thanks for sharing!!! I'm a new follower (via google connect). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog. Looks like i'll be digging into archives. When you get a chance please stop over at Safe Home Happy Mom and follow us as well. Have a terrific week!

  2. I'll check it out after my daughter goes to bed! Thanks for leaving the link.


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