Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wii Only $149.99

WOW! We keep saying we're gonna get a Wii & never do it. This might make me actually pull the trigger & buy one. Currently, Amazon has the Wii for only $149.99.

Amazon's prices fluctuate quite frequently, so I have no idea how long this price will last. But what a bargain!


  1. I hear you! I've been meaning to get one myself and this definitely gave me the incentive to just buy it-- it probably won't be this low again for a while, if it's just a short-term deal. Plus with an Amazon prime free trial, it's 2 day shipping for free!

    Heather, you are so my favorite person right now :D

  2. Annie, you can get it at Best Buy, Costco, etc. for $199 in either white or black & it does come with some extra stuff that certainly warrants the extra $50. But, if someone has a certain price they don't want to go above, this would be it, ya know? (I think I just sounded like a rambling fool, but hopefully you know what I mean.)

    And Annie, you are awesome. I still need to make that carrot soup!


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