Thursday, February 24, 2011

1 Hour of Parent a Discount!

Rarely do you see discounts on professional services, so when they come along, it's something to take note of. If you are a parent who is at the end of your rope, this is definitely something you want to check out.

Margit Crane is a former teacher & school counselor who is now a parenting coach, public speaker, & award winning author. She specializes in working with families with Gifted or Gifted with ADD/ADHD teens & tweens, however she does work with parents who have younger children as well. She coaches families on how to communicate better, increase understanding & respect, & have more fun together! Margit has been featured in Parent Map, Seattle's Child, & on KOMO News Radio. Additionally, Margit won an award for Inspiring High School Educator from UC San Diego in 2002 & her her M.Ed. thesis was cited as a notable contribution to 300 years of Jewish Education by the American Jewish Archives.

Now why am I telling you all about Margit? Here's why: Normally she charges $160 for a 1 hour phone consultation. Honestly, that is a reasonable price. However, through the 26th, you can purchase a 1 hour phone consult for $116! You can discuss & come up with a plan on virtually any parenting topic; ADD/ADHD, communication issues, 504 or IEP plans, how to motivate your kids, & more. Margit states you will have at least 3 new solutions to your parenting concern after you consultation. That alone makes this deal worth it!

Just like most of the deals I post, there is some fine print with this deal. Each family is limited to one session & you must use your session before April 25, 2011. However, those are pretty minor.

I should say that I've never met with or worked with Margit. I do know a peer of hers & she speaks very highly of Margit, though. If you are a parent (or know a parent) who feels like you are at the end of your rope, consider taking advantage of this promotion. Parenting is a hard gig & if you could make your life a little easier...& your family a little happier...then this would be money well spent.

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