Thursday, February 17, 2011

Organic Flavored Creamer + Coupons

Organic Valley announced they are now selling organic flavored half & half today! In addition to the regular half & half, they have Hazelnut half & half, French Vanilla half & half, regular soy creamer, & French Vanilla soy creamer.

Print out the $.75/1 half & half coupon or the $1/1 soy coupon & look for these the next time you go to the grocery store! There are other printable Organic Valley coupons, so take a look at all of them & see what you want to print out. FYI, they do expire 30 days after printing, so you may want to wait for a sale before printing them.

I'm so excited about this. I prefer organic creamer, but every once in a while I want a flavored creamer. Now I can have both!

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