Wednesday, February 23, 2011

$20 in Reusable Totes as Low as $7

Blue Avocado makes the trendiest reusable tote bags in my opinion. Now you can save some cash while saving the planet...& still look chic doing so!

Mamapedia has a voucher for $20 worth of reusable bags from Blue Avocado for just $10. If you are new to Mamapedia, use the code: AVOC3A to save $3, bringing the price down to just $7! If you don't see it listed, look on the right hand side where they feature other deals & you should see it.

I purchased my voucher.....get yours now!


  1. Just an FYI - if you are new to Mamapedia they will automatically give you $5 credit and you cannot use this code and the credit. But hey, $5 for this is better than $7!

  2. Ahh....they don't let you combine the new customer credit & the code? Makes sense, & you're was still a better deal.

    Plus, Mamapedia donates 5% towards the school of your choice!


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