Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lysol No Touch System Money Maker?

BMIM reader Andrea was kind enough to leave some very interesting news over on the Facebook wall (seriously...if you haven't "liked" BMIM need to, 'cause you're missing out!). At her local Walgreens in California, the Lysol No Touch soap system is ringing up at $4.89 instead of the $11.99 advertised price. However, it's still generating the $7 RR....& it did this last week & again today!

So, here's how this deal would work if your store has it coded the same way:

Lysol No Touch hand soap system $4.89
- $3/1 MQ (2/13 SS)
= $1.89 OOP
Get $7 RR
= $5.11 money maker!

Remember, this may not ring up for the same price at your store & Walgreens may recode this in their system, but you might score a big profit on this! If you do, please leave a comment letting us know.

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