Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Shopping Trip Today: 90% Savings

People often think that in order to get great savings you need to buy massive quantities of products. That's not the case at all! Several items in my stockpile were running low, so I hit Target & Rite Aid today & saved 90%!

The items you see in the above photo would have cost $37.57 if I had paid full price (gasp!). However, I only spent $3.74. I got 100 Finish dish washing tablets, 2 full size deodorants, a full size lotion, & a bar of soap for less than the cost of a mocha!

I don't know about you, but I'm convinced 90% savings is worth the hour or so I spend clipping & organizing my coupons each week. If you had a great shopping trip lately, leave a comment & let us know about it!


  1. I had a great trip to Albertson's this week. I saved 93% on the regular price of things we eat all the time. Details are on my blog. I have learned so much (about couponing and blogging) from sites like yours. Thanks!


  2. Thanks Erin! You did great on your shopping trip!


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