Tuesday, February 23, 2010

$4 off Method Laundry Detergent

Last week there was a $4/1 coupon for Method detergent online, but it hit it's print limit very quickly, so I didn't even post about it. I figured, why torture you with a deal you couldn't get? But now the $4/1 coupon is back! Go print it out FAST if you want it & remember to hit your back button two times after it starts printing to generate a second coupon.

This laundry detergent isn't organic, but according to Method's website, it is made using 95% natural & renewable ingredients. It's also biodegradable & non-toxic. Sounds like a great product & I can't wait to try it!

Update: According to my friend Amber over at Coupon Connections NW, the 25 load bottle is on sale at Bartell's this week for $4.99. Use the coupon & get this for only 99 cents!

And it's on sale this week at Target! $14.99 for the 50 load bottle & $7.99 for the 25 load bottle. You could score the smaller bottle for only $3.99. Now I have a reason to head back to Target (like I really need one!).

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