Saturday, February 27, 2010

HOT Rite Aid Coupon

I love Rite Aid for many reasons. First & foremost, they have an amazing coupon policy. And it's online so you can print it out & take it with you to avoid any hassles.

Rite Aid released a new $3 off your next purchase of $15 or more coupon. It's valid through 3/31/10 & is a PDF, so print out a few. Here's where it gets really good: You can use this coupon before manufacturer coupons! Yep, just have $15 worth of stuff, use this Rite Aid coupon & get $3 off, then use MQs & get additional money off. I have walked out of Rite Aid with free stuff doing this many times!

Thanks to Collin at Hip2Save for posting the coupon & Rite Aid's policy.


  1. Thank you for posting the Rite Aid coupon policy.

    I will be printing it to keep in my purse with me.

    Allison Miller (remken)

  2. Allison, no worries. And yes, keep it with you. It's come in handy for me when a clerk tells me I can't combine coupons, etc. & I pull it out & then they have to follow it. I'm always super nice, smile, but remain firm that what I am doing is ok, per their policy. It's nice to have that printed out to back you up!


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