Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fred Meyer Prevacid 24HR Deal

If you didn't print out your Rite Aid Video Values Prevacid coupon, don't can still get a great deal (possibly free?) on Prevacid 24 Hr at Fred Meyer.

I'm not sure what Freddy's charges for Prevacid 24Hr, but my guess is they are the same as the other stores, so we'll go with that assumption. That would mean you could get the 14 count box for $11.99, use the $6 off Fred Meyer eCoupon, pay $5.99 & then submit for the rebate & get this free. There's also a $10 Fred Meyer eCoupon if you want to save on a larger box.

It's worth repeating that even if you don't need this, if you can get it free (& not be strapped while you wait for the rebate to come back), it would be a great way to donate something for those less fortunate & not cost you anything.

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