Monday, February 22, 2010

90% Savings at Target

I totally scored at Target today! I saved 75% on my purchases today, but I also has part of a gift card from the Quaker deal from a few weeks back, & got a gift card, so my net out of pocket was really only 10%! Here's what I bought:

  • 5 boxes of Pop Tarts (12 count) & price matched with the Kmart ad: $10, but received a $5 gift card
  • Pictureka travel game $5.99 - $5 coupon = 99 cents
  • Tim Tam cookies $2 sale price - $1 coupon = $1
  • Box of 32 Valentines $2.99 @ 90% off = 29 cents
  • 1st For Me Baby Alive doll $19.99 on clearance $4.98 - $5 coupon = 2 cents profit

I spent a total of $13.30 with tax, used remaining $2.40 on my gift card, paid $10.90 but received a $5 gift card. So that was like paying $5.90, or 10% for all of that stuff!!

The Baby Alive deal is an unadvertised clearance item, so you will need to scan it to check the price. Only the doll with the brown hair & brown eyes is on sale (I have no idea why, but I checked them all). And you need to try the Tim Tam cookies; when I lived in Australia, we used to eat these & they are delish! Of course, every self respecting Aussie calls them "biscuits" but regardless, they are yummy. The entire Valentine's Day section is 90% off, so grab a few things for next year & save big time.

If you score anything at Target this week, leave a message. Remember, YMMV (your mileage may vary) depending on the clerk, manager, etc. at your local Target. It can be hit or miss there with coupons, but today was a very good day for me.

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