Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kate Quinn Organic Clothing Sale

I love Kate Quinn's organic clothing line. The stuff is adorable & I love that it's made from 100% certified organic material. If you knew what happened to cotton, trust'd want your kids wearing organic clothing. It's pretty impossible to dress them in all organic clothing, & it would be pretty pricey even if you could do it. So when a sale this good comes along, I get uber excited about it.

Click here to check out the sale items. Prices start at $10 but use code: HURRIEDHOME20 & get an additional 20% off. $8 for a certified organic clothing item is insanely cheap, people! Oh, & it's worth noting that the proceeds from this sale are going to the relief work in Haiti.

Luckily, I live close enough that I can go to the sample sales. So, if you're in the Puget Sound area, remember you can always check out Kate Quinn that way, too.

Thanks to Organic Deals & Coupons for this find!

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