Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wanna Save 94%? Clip Coupons!

I hear it all the time: "I'm not sure clipping coupons is worth my time." Let's take a look at my day, & you be the judge.

I went to 3 different stores today to snag some great deals. I'm going to make this easy & just give you totals spent & what I received.

Babies R Us: Spent $1.71 OOP (out of pocket)

Walgreens: Spent $5.11 OOP but received $6 RR = 89 cent profit

Safeway: Spent: $3.16 OOP

Total spent after profit: $3.98

For $3.98 I got 2 boxes of Revolution Foods Organic Mashups, 2 bags of Terra Chips, 1 8x10 Photo Collage, 1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash, 6 packs Orbit gum, 240 cotton rounds, 2 bags of Pop Chips, & 4 sticks of Right Guard deodorant. I would have spent $63.43+tax on these items if I hadn't clipped coupons & used in store discounts (Register Rewards & eGift Cards). That means I saved 94%! Actually, it was a bit more because I didn't include tax when I calculated the percentage, but you get my point.

Yes, I went to 3 stores. Yes, it took me an hour & forty five minutes. But I was able to shop by myself for an hour & forty five minutes; I was happy doing it! And really.....I'm okay with spending that time shopping if I can save 94%. Additionally, I'm donating the deodorant & shower gel to a food shelter, which makes me feel even better about spending the time couponing. I love that someone else can benefit from my time spent clipping coupons.

So you tell me....would you spend less than 2 hours shopping if you could save 94%?

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