Monday, November 1, 2010

$25 Voucher to Fashion Playtes $12

Last sprint I did a product review & giveaway for Fashion Playtes, which is a company that lets girls design their own clothing & they manufacture it & ship it out. My daughter had a great time designing a dress for herself & one for her doll!

Today at Groupon, you can get a $25 voucher for Fashion Playtes $12! This would make a fantastic holiday gift for a girl. What little girl wouldn't want to channel her inner Vera Wang?

This deal is for Seattle (under "more great deals nearby" in the right sidebar), but it will work for anyone since it's an online retailer.


  1. My daughter and I have done this before she loved it so much I went ahead and bought her another one today and told her if her grades are up she can use it as a reward. Love this as a positive incentive!

  2. It's such a great concept. I hope they introduce boys items soon. I imagine lots of boys would think it could be cool to design their own hoodies, board shorts, etc. with pirates, kung fu, surfing, etc. themes.


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