Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hanna Andersson dresses at Costco $13.99

I love Hanna Andersson clothes. They wash insanely well, hold their shape, & look great no matter what your kid does to them. But, let's be honest....Hanna Andersson clothes aren't cheap. So when I heard that Costco had girls Hanna Andersson sundresses for $13.99, I went & bought 3!

They had about 5 or 6 styles & colors to choose from. The available sizes were 80-120. If you're not familiar with Hanna's sizing, they use European sizes. You can check out their size chart on their website here. I love their sizing because it's not uncommon to get 2 seasons out of the same size.

So, if you want to snag a Hanna dress for this summer (or 3!) run to your nearest Costco. I'm sure these will sell out fast & as always with Costco, you never know if they will be back in stock. And if you are looking for Hanna boys clothes...sorry, I didn't see any. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you, though!

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