Saturday, December 4, 2010

Golf Pass for over 200 Courses $24.50

This Eversave deal is pretty cool & would make an excellent gift if you have a golf enthusiast to buy for! Purchase a year long membership to Boxgroove which allows access to over 200 golf courses around the nation.

Here's how it works, directly from Eversave's site: "Boxgroove's partnerships with local and national golf courses allow their members to schedule tee times all over the country. Even if you're not a member at a club you can still request times that are convenient for you. Your membership even allows you to host golf games with friends, regardless of whether or not they're Boxgroove members."

This sounds so cool! It also states that you will get a free sleeve of Titleist golf balls & tees when you complete your membership.

Normally this would cost $49, but through Eversave it's $24.50. However, if you're a new Eversave member, you'll get a $2 credit to your account, bringing the total down to $22.50!

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